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Sharing experiences of Sri Lanka's war against terror

(January 30, 2011,    Lanka Polity )  Sri Lanka is to hold an international seminar to share experience on its victorious  fight against terror.   The details of the seminar was revealed recently by the Army Commander Lt. Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya at a media conference held in the Army Headquarters.   The international seminar is to be held on May 31, June 1st and 2nd of 2011 at Colombo Galadari Hotel focusing on counter measures against global terrorism, terrorist trends, predominance of both political and military efforts, rapid resettlement, reconciliatory moves, nation-building and threats to national and international security concerns, the Ministry of Defense says.   Contributors and participants in the sessions are to be drawn from all corners of the world along with the representatives of different government, International Non Governmental Organizations, Non Governmental Organizations and professionals, academics and military officials.   The Defense Ministry says that th

Galle Literary Festival that has no Galle

(January 23, 2011,    Lanka Polity )  Galle Literary Festival (GLF) will begin this week for the fifth time. Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy and a few other writers together with Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF) have urged the writers to keep away from the GLF due to alleged Freedom of Expression issues in Sri Lanka. Most of the Sri Lankan writers actually keep away from GLF every year not because of the 'alleged Freedom of Expression issues in Sri Lanka' but simply because they are unaware of such a magnanimous literary event is held in Sri Lanka. The so called big literary event is represented by just one or two actual local vernacular writers. The only name I saw among the participants as a recognised Sinhala language writer is Liyanage Amarakeerthi, a university lecturer, writer and critique. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Sri Lanka is at least not in the list of sponsors although it is not essential the government sponsor the event. Interestingly, the state Tourism

An eye witness describes the cowardly attack against Dr. Vickramabahu on December 17

(January 07, 2011,    Lanka Polity )  I was informed by Dr Vickramabahu Karunarathne that he has been invited to participate in the 88th Birthday Remembrance celebration of Pro. Reg Goodwin, a former Dean of Darwin College of Cambridge University, held on 04th December. I knew that Vickramabahu as one, who read for his Ph.D (Electro Magnetic theory) at Cambridge during Goodwin's tennre, accepted an invitation from Goodwin’s Family members and left for London on 21st of November 2010. As a leader of the Nava Sama Samaja party I monitored the schedule of Vickramabahu and I knew that he took the opportunity also to meet with the NSSP London Branch as well as London-based supporters and sympathizers of the NSSP. He addressed several meetings at the request of the NSSP London Branch. Back home, false and fabricated reports were published in some sections of the media to say that Vickramabahu participated in a demonstrations and meetings held in December 2010, in London;

Bitter story of sugar of Booker Tate to be re-written in Sri Lanka

(January 06, 201,   Lanka Polity , Ajith Perakum Jayasinghe )  Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BoI) says that British firm Booker Tate is to come to an agreement this month to invest US$ 110 million to establish a sugar factory in Moneragala. Environmental Impact Assessment is being carried out now, reports say. Booker Tate, a subsidiary of Tsb Sugar International, will be collaborating with IMS Holdings along with an individual party in Sri Lanka to establish the plant that is to be named as “Bibile Sugar.” The Cabinet has already approved the allocation of 200 hectares to build the factory and a sugar cane nursery. The company has planned to implement an out grower system. Sugarcane cultivation may destroy remaining forest cover in the island since sugarcane is a mono-culture which requires land to be dry when the crop matures. Sugar cane is also a crop that is associated with poverty that repeatedly failed in the island. The proposal of the IMS holdings and Booker Tate suga