Saturday, March 15, 2014

Killings, nonsense and mania amidst big match fever

Royal nonsense

Royal mania
A man was killed in a clash in a big match in the former war zone Jaffna of Sri Lanka's Northern Province.

The man who was killed was identified as a 23 year old past student of the St. Patrick College.

During the big match of between Jaffna Central College and St. Patrick College, a group launched a sudden attack killing the past student of St. Patrick College, reports say.

Police said that two students had been arrested and police is looking for three more students to be arrested for the killing.

The big match was held in Vadukkodai in Jaffna.

Lesser violence was displayed in Colombo schools so far but most of the big match activities were nonsense or maniac irrespective of the so called prestige of the schools. The boys of the big schools tried to rush into Visaka Girls' College and created massive traffic blocks through their parades.

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