Saturday, January 10, 2015

We defeated Mahinda but Maithree pissed Somarathna on us

We defeated Mahinda. 'We' means social media here. It was one of the major factors of his defeat although none of the present government has identified it and thanked us. It was hard work, lots of bytes and biting.

There are so many other 'we's in almost all the households of the island who can claim for Maithree's victory. So many people took the pain of converting people and keeping up their morale. It was not easy.

We elected Maithreepala Sirisena as President. He said he would not contest again. Thanks. He does not want to show up too much. Do your job and retire. We are ahead of the 100 day programme.

But I have serious doubts of the good governance now. Somarathna Disanayaka has been appointed as the Chairman of national television. Why not Dharmasiri Bandaranayaka or Prasanna Vithanage? No. They will not beg for positions. Somarathna and his likes know too well to appease the bigwigs. They know how to kneel down and beg. Nothing to do dear. There must be somebody to chair the national television. There are better names like Ganganath  but I think they are vying for better positions. Let them go.

Rupavahini has lot of problems. They don't have scheduled programmes to telecast, for instance, as one employee told us. Winning back the viewers is another challenge.

The government must understand this. Don't frustrate your campaigners in social media and in every household. They will make you cry soon. Remember, there is a general election coming ahead.

We will safeguard the victory to the extent you keep up with your promises. One said Somarathna is shit on the white swan. Somarathna was one of the hate mongers against the progressive artistes of this country.

We will not allow the dictator to re-emerge but your fate is in your hand. Govern good as you promised but it is not sufficient.

If you do not bring the corrupt ex-leaders to book, you will have to repent.

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