Sri Lanka police after dozens of persons who posted fake news on COVID-19 deaths

DIG Ajith Rohana

Sri Lanka Police Media Spokesman Deputy Inspector General Ajith Rohana said to media that the police had already remanded two persons and looking for another 29 to arrest for saying in social media that people fell on the roads and died due to COVID-19. 

He said that two persons had been arrested and remanded from Kadugannawa and Hanthana. Twenty-seven more are identified locally and are to be arrested. 

The other two persons live in Australia and Japan. The Police Media Spokesman did not say what action would be taken to arrest these two persons.

Police pointed out previously that only one COVID-19 positive person had died on a road and the person was a beggar. 

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka police is affected by the creation of a COVID-19 cluster. Over 800 police personnel including around 200 Police Special Task Force officials are COVID-19 positive by now. 


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