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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Exorbitant prices for COVID-19 coffins in Sri Lanka; protest the rackets behind COVID-19 funerals

Sri Lanka Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi said that the government would support the people who could not bear expenses for the cremation of COVID-19 deaths. She said that a family member of a deceased bears the cost for a coffin. 

Answering a question by Opposition MP Mujibar Rahuman regarding charging Rs. 58,000 at IDH hospital for a coffin, Minister Wanniarachchi said that the government would help the people who had no money to spend on the cremation via donors. 

However, Rs. 58,000 is an exorbitant charge for a simple funeral package in Sri Lanka and people suspect corruption related to COVID-19 cremations.

Meanwhile, spokesman of Frontline Socialist Party (FSP), Pubudu Jayagoda demanded the government to use the COVID-19 Fund for the cremation of the dead bodies of the COVID-19 deceased. He further urged people to protest the rackets behind COVID-19 funerals.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Nine deaths yesterday in Sri Lanka; highest number so far

Sri Lanka's highest number of COVID-19 deaths were reported on November 21 as nine people died increasing the number of deaths to 83. 

The deceased include five women of the ages 48, 69, 75, 76 and five men of the ages 57, 65, 89, 72 and 76. 

Seven deaths were from the Colombo city while one was from Wellampitiya in the city outskirts. The announcement by the Government Information Department did not mention the residence of the other deceased.   

The number of COVID-19 persons diagnosed yesterday was 487. The total number of cases recorded in Sri Lanka by November 21 was 19,771.   

Over 5,000 COVID-19 cases have been diagnosed from Colombo city and the majority of them are from Colombo North and Central Colombo. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Five COVID-19 deaths today; four without hospitalization

Three of the five COVID-19 deaths reported today (November 13) so far occurred at home while another person died before hospitalization. 

An 83 years old woman from Colombo-14, a 78 years old male from Colombo-13 and a 64 years old man from Colombo-13 died at home. Another 69 years old male from Rathmalana died before hospitalization. 

High blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and heart attacks have been cited as the causes of death.

Meanwhile, a 68-year-old male resident of Chilaw died at Mulleriyawa hospital due to high blood pressure and stroke. 

The total of COVID-19 deaths in Sri Lanka is 53 now. 

Monday, November 09, 2020

2,869 new cases and 14 deaths during the curfew week in Sri Lanka

road block in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka recorded a steady increase of COVID-19 cases and deaths within the past week. 2,869 cases were reported during the period between November 2 and 8 while 14 deaths occurred during this period. 

Meanwhile, 3,382 persons were reported recovered during the period between November 2 and 8. 

The entire Western Province was under curfew during this period. The vast majority of these cases and all the deaths were reported from the Western Province. 

However, during the week's period immediately before that (October 26 to November 1) 3,188 cases were reported. Recoveries during the same period were 1,102. Five deaths occurred during this period.

Sunday, November 08, 2020

13 deaths in Sri Lanka within a weak due to COVID-19

13 deaths occurred with a week in Sri Lanka due to COVID-19. 

Four deaths were reported yesterday, Tuesday, 7 November 2020. 

Two deaths were reported from Maligawatta in Colombo city. A 42-year-old woman died of a heart attack. She suffered from a chronic illness. The other woman is 69 years old. She suffered from many illnesses and died in National Hospital due to pneumonia. 

A male person of 69 years old died at home due to pneumonia. He too was suffering from illnesses for a long time. 

A 88 years old woman of Ganemulla in Gampaha district died at Laggama Pallegama hospital in Matale district due to pneumonia. She was diagnosed positive for COVID-19 while in quarantine. She is an associate of a patient of Minuwangoda cluster. 

The number of cases identified yesterday was 449. The total number of deaths is 34. 

Sunday, November 01, 2020

40-year-old man died at Welisara hospital as 21st COVID-19 deceased

Sri Lanka's 21st COVID-19 death occurred today from Welisala Chest Hospital. The deceased is a 40-year male resident of Mahara who suffered from high blood pressure and respiratory issues.

His COVID-19 condition proved in the PCR test conducted posthumously. 

He has been treated in the hospital for eight days after admission on 23rd October 2020. 

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