Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Develop a national mechanism to engage all sectors in COVID-19 prevention - NPP

Dr. Nihal Abesinghe
"Develop a national mechanism to engage all sectors with knowledge and scattered in the society to face the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka", demanded epidemiologist Dr. Nihal Abesinghe, secretary of National Professional's Organization of National People's Power (NPP). 

"There is the possibility of the creation of similar clusters within a coming couple of years. Therefore, we must maintain measures like social distancing, working from home, online education and home delivery of goods and services for a long time," the epidemiologist said.

Further speaking, he said, "We need behavioural change regarding COVID-19 and the responsibility is on people. About one-third of the population are educated less than GCE Ordinary Level. Low level of education and poverty can aggravate the crisis. Some people have no access to essential equipment like face masks and hand sanitizers. Their problems might push them to deviate from social distancing. Therefore the less educated and low-income groups must be educated, engaged and empowered in the COVID-19 prevention measures." 

Hospital, public health and security personnel must be protected and helped by the society, Dr. Nihal Abesinghe pointed out.

Speaking about a probability of a community spread, Dr. Abesinghe said, "90-95% source of the COVID-19 cases is found thanks to the strength of the health sector. However, some sources may not be found. Community spread is a situation the source cannot be found. Therefore, it is good for us to be prepared for such a situation." 

The PCR tests conducted by the health authorities now are mostly targeted tests. It is the most successful method to identify patients, he said. 

National Professional's Organization is a partner of National People's Power (NPP) that is led by the People's Liberation Front (JVP). NPP parliamentarian Dr. Harini Amarasuriya is addressing the press conference when this news is published. 


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