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Monday, June 28, 2010

An Indian who was to be disappeared in Sri Lanka found killed

(June 28, 2010, Colombo - Lanka PolityAn Inspector of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was arrested by police as he, in connivance with a Colombo businessman dumped a body of a slain Indian national in Munadalama in Puttlam district in Northwestern Province of Sri Lanka.

The suspected CID officer, reported Chandana Silva and Colombo 06, Big Banana restaurant owner Mariyanayagam Lesley Rajakumar have allegedly killed an Indian national aged 24 and named Thennarasu Selvakumar who worked under latter as a cook in a house in Wellawaththa. Later, the duo have brought the dead body to Mundalama in a double cab vehicle and dumped it into the sea.

Residents that saw these suspicious men throwing a suspicious parcel into sea, informed Puttlam police and the police without knowledge that a CID officer is involved in the crime blocked roads and arrested the suspects.

Meanwhile, the wife of one of the suspected murderers, Ms. Rajakumar lodged a complaint in police that their cook was missing.

A young man that was originally ill-fated to be one disappeared in Sri Lanka was 'lucky' to be found dead and to be ruled murdered at the post-mortem.

Why did these killers choose Palliwasapaduwa beach of Mukkuthuduwawa in Mundalama for dumping the dead body? How many times has this police officer done this kind of acts, previously? Are their more officials that do such things?

The answers my friend, is blowing in the wind.

Or else, let us talk about the Sinhala-Tamil unity at least in crime. Can the dead man be an early victim of CEPA?

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Colombo Tamils protest the public killing of young psychiatric patient by police

(November 03, Colombo - Lanka Polity) Democratic People's Front that represents Western Province Tamils in Sri Lanka will hold a demonstration in front of Colombo Fort railway station on Wednesday 04th November in protest of the brutal killing of a Tamil psychiatric patient publicly before a television camera.

The victim Balawarnam Sivakumar was a 26 year-old youth that hailed from rural Uva Province and worked as a mechanic while staying with his brother's family in the Colombo city outskirt. The brother of the victim says that Sivakumar suffered from a mental illness time to time and underwent treatment from National Mental Health Institute in Angoda as well. The youth lost her mother at tender age since she passed away following an attack by a wild elephant, says Sivakumar's father.

On the ill-fated day, he had been mentally ill and was throwing stones at the passing trains and other vehicles in Bambalapitiya in Colombo city. A four member police team from Bambalapitiya police station arrived in the scene on an information about his behaviour prompting the man to jump into the sea to escape in fear of them.

 Two policemen beat the victim that was in water that was deep to his waist for a long time without allowing him to come back while he pleaded mercy. However, the policeman that has been identified as Dimuthu Somnas finally managed to hit him to drown in the sea.

The body of Sivakumar was found a day after his death. The entire crime was recorded by private television channel TNL.

A month ago, residents of a village in close proximity to the village Sivakumar lived, stoned the police station in Angulana after the officials of the station executed two village youths that were arrested for a minor crime. Their bodies were dumped in nearby places in a time a spate of such killings were reported as underworld goons were killed as they attempted to attack police and escape.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Police cop that publicly drowned a psychiatric patient in Colombo sea surrenders

(October 31, Colombo - Lanka Polity) Lankadeepa Sinhala daily of Sri Lanka said that the cop who was captured in a video of a TV channel in Colombo city while publicly beating a Tamil psychiatric patient until the latter drowned is one named Dimuthu with the police constable number 47749. The police officer that worked in Bamabalapitiya police station surrendered to the Colombo Crime Division.

Police says further investigations are underway to trace his accomplice.

The police officer has gone to the scene where the mad man was throwing stones at the running trains and vehicles with four others including a Police Inspector and a Sub Inspector.

The body of the deceased was recovered by Sri Lanka Navy yesterday afternoon, a day after the incident. He was identified as 26-year-old Balawarnan Sivakumar, by his brother, a resident of Rathmalana. The man had been suffering from a mental disorder since a long time, his brother told.

Galle High Court sentenced several persons involved in robbery and murder of a young woman during 2004 Boxing Day tsunami at Galle bus stand based on video witness despite the body of the victim was not recovered and a postmortem was not carried out.

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